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Day 1: Waking up feeling organised and ready for the day, I arrived at Swan wick station from the station I was pick up by Dawn the PA to CEO she was very welcoming friendly within seconds I forgot about my journey situation. When I got to the office, I found my CEO Andi she is very welcoming then I was taken around the office . My first task was to create a Chrysalis social media plat form and then I had a discussion with my Line Manger Reviewing some of the Marketing and Development Objective

Day 2:

I spent most of my day working on the slides for presentation to be held at the AGM. I also review the old and new constitution to be send out to volunteers . The day went by so quick the atmosphere here is so nice, everyone is really positive and friendly.

About the AGM

The end of my first week involved attending the AGM with the office team, i was responsible for taking registrations at the from front gate. The CEO gave a speech. This has given me the opportunity to meet lot of different people and working in a team. I am expanding my network and getting me to meet other supporters of the organisation.