GRA reform, hate crime and fantastic coffee

It’s election week! Like almost everyone else in the country, or at least those on my Facebook, I think I’m looking forward to Friday 13th. A day when, just perhaps, we can look forward to some stability, to some vision and to some clarity with regards to the management of our country. I’m really not sure I like living in Interesting Times, never has my opinion been canvassed so much yet have I felt a lack of control of the outcome.

You are loved

The advent calendars are open and the first chocolate has been eaten, the first pictures gazed upon and the anticipation starts, but does it? December and the festive season is a time of mixed emotions for many people and certainly for many trans and questioning people. Whilst being trans isn’t a predicator of poor mental health or familial rejection there’s no denying that many trans people are rejected by their families and come to find new families within the trans community.

Why #GenderIdentityMatters

Good morning! Another busy week ahead for all of us. I hope that those of you in retail have survived Black Friday weekend and are now set for the fun and joy that is December. Yes! Can you believe it? December is just around the corner.

Friends and Allies

Today I was thinking about friends as I drove into work. The importance of friends and how those connections keep us whole. Friends come in all shapes and sizes, sometimes we’ll drive across the country to see them, other times it’s a chance meet up or a coffee. Friends do favours for us, they’ll feed our cats or go with us to a difficult appointment, they are there to share our triumphs and our challenges.

Remembrance Day

Remembrance Day, my feed is full of people I have met along my travels remembering those who they served with. My grandma and child spent yesterday at Remembrance Day services. A moment out of our lives to think about war, and peace and hope for the future.

I heard Ian Rankin interviewed this morning about his 30 year old book that’s been reprinted, he said how the themes within the book were eerily relevant to modern times, well except for the 12 mentions of the new innovation of car central locking, 11 of those have been edited out.

What is safe space?

I'm back and I have 15 minutes to write my blog because today is a fun packed day at Bournemouth University, Chrysalis' new partner. I can't express how great it is for Chrysalis to have been welcomed into Bournemouth by so many institutions and individuals. We are really making an impact here and this is just the start of our Dorset adventures. is on the up.

What is it to be trans? Reflection and training

What is it to be gender diverse? Is it an endless search for language to describe your inner experience? Perhaps it’s a gathering of all others together so you can share your triumphs and tribulations. Maybe you slip and slide out of control down the slope to the bottom of the pit before realising that transition is the answer. Maybe you meet with others, with someone who inspires you and you find your authenticity another way.

Running, metaphors and training

I did it! I ran 5K at a Park Run on Saturday. Compared to the amazing Tascha who ran the Basingstoke Half Marathon for us a couple of weeks ago and to Amy who is coming all the way over from the US to run for Chrysalis in the London Marathon 2020 my 5K is small indeed but still I’m so pleased to have done it. I’ve never really been into running, if I’m honest I’ve always preferred to cycle (much less effort for the same result) so this was my first running event, my first time running with the pack, and I really enjoyed it!

Fly the Trans Flag - be a trans ally

What does it mean if you’re an ally?

Ask Google that question and you get a metaphor for an answer, a link to Culture Club’s first video but Chrysalis has an answer. An ally is someone who wants to make the world a better place for everyone, who wants to create safe spaces, who believes everyone has the right to be their most authentic self.

Shanah Tovah

Shanah Tovah to all those celebrating Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish festival of the New Year and anniversary of the Creation. As I sit here drinking my morning coffee and wondering what to write in this week’s blog it’s nice to take a moment to look forward, to celebrate live and to think about the wonder that is our natural world, oh and apples, it’s always a good time to think about apples!