#flythetransflag and show your support

Wow! Nearly the end of October already. Last Wednesday saw me achieving a full year in this role. I hope I've proved worthy of the trust the charity placed in me, I know we have achieved a massive amount already but there is still plenty more road ahead of us. Thank you to everyone for getting involved and believing in Chrysalis, in the absolute value of our charity. Saving lives, building connections and making the world a better place one change at a time.
What better way to mark my anniversary than working on our first campaign with Sam?
This summer has been a really harsh time to be trans+. Despite all the moves forward there has been so much hate directed at us by a very loud group.
Chrysalis invites all our friends and allies to make their voices louder by flying the trans flag on Transgender Day of Remembrance 20th November.
Don't worry if you don't have a flag pole (it's not standard equipment for most businesses or homes I know) you can fly the flag out of a window or display it in your reception. For £21 we'll send you a flag then you just tweet or otherwise share your flag photos with us and we'll proudly share it.

Your donation will help fund the work Chrysalis does and make one of the most marginalised groups feel just a bit more safe and secure than they do right now.
Check out the Chrysalis Just Giving page for more information https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/TDOR2018

Wednesday also saw me meeting with the West Hants NHS commissioner for a bit of planning and plotting as well as a bit of essential data entry support from Alex to get all our statistics in order. It's a good job I'm a bit of a geek and like stats!

Thursday was a day of funding bids and one to one's with some of the most amazing volunteers we have.

And then it was time for a bit more R&R (using up annual leave) and a trip to the Tolkien exhibition in Oxford. Oh wow! That was amazing!

So what's in the diary for this week? Well firstly Dawn, Carole, Kevan, Anne and Ted get to breathe a sigh of relief as I'm still off for a few more days and so can't be thinking of any more things we nerd to be doing. A chance for my wonderful office team to catch their collective breath and get some organising done.

Then Wednesday is our Founder Dianne's birthday and the marker of her first year of retirement. Your charity is going from strength to strength but we never lose sight of our past.
Thursday is the Facilitator's quarterly meeting and then Friday another day of one to one's which I look forward to so much.

I'm signing off now, I hope you have a great Halloween and enjoy some fireworks too if that's your fancy.