GRA reform and Trans Day of Remembrance

What a week. My love goes out to everyone who has been campaigning for acceptance, understanding and support for trans people over these last few weeks. With the deadline extended until 12 today and the fantastic shortform questionnaire by Stonewall I hope that all our allies will have had the chance to add their voices to ours to get the essential reforms to the Gender Recognition Act necessary to allow trans people to get legal recognition in their affirmed gender. If we get non-binary recognition in there too then pass the champagne!

While I, as always, remain positive (I know the government wants to reform the act and I know we have the support of all the professionals who work with trans people) I also know that the vile transphobic outpourings in the press and social media are going to have had a significant negative impact not only on those valiant campaigners but also on those who aren't out yet, those who simply want to swim under the radar, those who now know how transphobic their families or colleagues are.

Chrysalis is here to help all of you. Call the office on 01489 589111 or email for information on joining our support groups or getting training for your team or managers.

Last week was another busy one (aren't they always?) with Monday spent crafting Chrysalis' response to the consultation. Thanks to all our beneficiaries and volunteers for feeding in to that.

Wednesday I was invited to the Square Pegs LGBT+ youth group down in Gosport to meet some trans+ young people and their parents, thanks to Heidi for the opportunity.

Thursday I drew the last strands together for the Southampton Trans Day of Remembrance events (20th November, starting from 5pm at The Art House) when I met with University of Southampton Student's Union, LGBTQ+ Society and staff representatives.

And Friday was an opportunity to properly chat to Steven Morgan MP for Portsmouth South about opening our Portsmouth groups.

This week I'm enjoying two more days off (next year I think I'll try yo spread my annual leave out rather than having to use it all up in one go), working on Trans Day of Remembrance events and the Chrysalis Fly the Flag campaign before a whole day working one to one with some of our incredible volunteers.

This is your CEO signing off before heading out to begin Halloween celebrations with their son.