The nights are drawing in but the fun never stops!

Hi all, and welcome back to the second ever Chrysalis CEO blog post. Things are going well, perhaps better than predicted as we’ve made it to week two and I have written a second post.
Another week over and the nights are really drawing in now. It was strange on Thursday morning to look out of the office window onto clear skies in Warsash but hear the foghorns of the ships in the Solent battling through the fog.

As always we don’t stay still for long here at Chrysalis HQ and so last week saw me meeting with people to talk about potential venues in Portsmouth and then a great chat with Lucas from who is joining forces with Chrysalis as binder maker and stylist extraordinaire once we get the paperwork completed. Lucas will be coming to a trans+ group near you soon to help with binder fitting and getting your personal style just right.

Wednesday saw our Southampton facilitator and Andi tag teaming at Southampton General Hospital’s Inclusivity Week session on Trans Awareness. UHS is one of the largest employers in the city and watch this space for information about their recruitment drives. If you are worried about discrimination by an employer, after all, who hasn’t read that horrible statistic that said 1/3 of employers would actively discriminate against trans people, then worry no more. UHS has a strong commitment to equality and diversity and is part of the Southampton Third Party Hate Crime reporting group to boot.

The last Thursday and Friday of the month are always busy for me as I deliver supervision to our incredible team of counsellors and facilitators so a back to back, fun filled couple of days there working with the volunteers to improve their practice and the service we offer.
I hope you are all following me on Twitter but don’t expect much from me for the next couple of days as I’m finally getting round to taking some of my annual leave. Three lovely days off this week and then some more at the end of October.

This Thursday evening I’m off up to Basingstoke to Maria Miller MP’s Inspiring Women seminar and a bit of networking before Friday meeting with the deputy CEO of Hampshire County Council to talk about flying the trans flag from the county council offices for Trans Day of Remembrance on the 20th November.

My last activity next week is to have the privilege of speaking with the Portsmouth&Fareham group about Gender and Identity. I am really looking forward to meeting everyone.

If you would like to raise some money for Chrysalis and fly the trans flag too: remembering all those trans who have lost their lives through violence across the world in the last year, as well as the loved ones we never forget, then contact the office to order a trans flag and proudly fly it from your flagpole, window or car aerial on the 20th November,