The halls of Whamhalla are decorated with reminders of the 80's

Oh woe is me! I lasted five whole days for sadly Wednesday saw me enter the halls of , a forlorn victim of . On the positive side of the ledger however I can now go Christmas shopping with impunity. No more stealthy approaches to essential tasks. I can boldly go where the unwhammed fear to tread.

With the nights drawing in and the office still chilly on a Monday morning I’m very glad I left a jumper here. I know that by the time I get back from my first meeting the heating will have warmed the room up nicely but it’s a cold start to the penultimate week before the start of the festive season.

Dawn and I (well mainly Dawn) have been eagerly converting my paper diary into electronic bits. It has been a long time coming but Office 365 was worth the wait. We have all sorts of high-tech gadgets like shared calendars and mailboxes and stuff! It’s like being in the 21st century. This means that I can now see where I went and where I’m going all next to the words I’m writing. Now perhaps that’s not the innovation for many that it is for us but for someone who rolls from one task to the next having the ability to set reminders and tasks and milestones is very exciting. Even better I can colour code things! Those who’ve worked with me in the past will know that nothing is more satisfying to me than a lovely colour coded planner, it’s like all the information one needs right there in one cosy little package.

For the rest of our awesome volunteers I promise that soon, very soon you will join us in the hallowed halls of Microsoft even if you never drink mead with me in Whamhalla.

Last week I would like to assure anyone who is still concerned Tiny Car not only made it to Exeter but also safely traversed all those hills on the A35 to make it back to Southampton on Monday. I can definitely say that the East Devon area of outstanding natural beauty was much more beautiful in the sun on the way home than in the gloaming of my coffee fuelled journey there. The supervisor’s event at Iron Mill college was a great opportunity for some networking, with other supervisors and with one of the colleges which provides counsellors for Chrysalis, as we look at expanding our Bournemouth services it is great to know where our allies are. I then took the opportunity to wander round to The Laurels to drop off some Chrysalis information, another clinic visited, another piece of familiarity with the travails of so many of our beneficiaries.

Tuesday was a day of office work, preparing a five-year plan, and then taking an unexpected phone call from a lovely person named Hayden. Hayden has been working on a drama and a documentary with someone very close to Chrysalis’ heart and it is great to find out more about the project and to speak about some exciting new plans for next year.

Wednesday was the day I fell. But my sacrifice was worth it for Steph (our chair of trustees) and I were interviewing for a Business Management Intern at and we have hopefully found the perfect candidate.
Thursday was my own supervision, looking at blocks to understanding and communication mainly. I love supervision, it’s a chance to really dig into the things that are going both well and not so well and now we have the outline for our next volunteer away day. After that I returned to the office to finish that plan and then to the trustee meeting. Oh what a change, what a positive meeting. I was so pleased to report that we raised over £700 with and then our treasurer stunned the room with an announcement of a £3000 donation just come in thanks to our patron Ana-Matronic. We talked about the AGM on the 26th January and volunteer awards and agreed to look for a few volunteers interested in working on our digital image so if you’re hot into graphic and website design and love Chrysalis then please do get in touch
Friday was a day off! Plans for a trip to Knowlton church with our weekend guest slightly scuppered by the weather we went into Southampton instead and had a great lunch at Café Thrive.

So what’s in the multicoloured diary for this week? Well I can say that it’s mainly blue and purple which means I’ve got some networking and volunteer recruitment meetings, some staff one-to-ones and then Transgender Awareness training on Thursday 13th from 2pm – 5pm. I think there may be one space left so if you’re interested please contact Dawn in the office 01489 589111 to book up.

Monday is a trip down to Portsmouth to meet with the city council, plans are definitely moving forward to opening a full cluster in the city soon, and then up to Southampton for our TDOR wash up and to start talking about Transgender Day of Visibility on the 31st March and events at the Art House including the launch of the Chrysalis history book Surrounded by Butterflies.

Tuesday is interviews for counsellors for Bournemouth and Southampton and some one-to-ones and then Wednesday is more one-to-ones and then the counsellor’s meeting which is always a really good event. A chance to look at our ways of working, our blocks to understanding and yes event get in some observed practice. Even qualified counsellors like to get feedback, it is something that we miss when we complete our training.

Thursday is the Transgender Awareness Training in Southampton and then Friday is another meeting in Portsmouth.

If you’re wondering about all this travelling and thinking that you’d like to attend some training but Southampton is just too far then I’m pleased to tell you Dawn and I are working on creating training on the move! Coming soon to a Basingstoke or Portsmouth near you, message Dawn on for more information and to book your place.