Short but sweet

Morning! Are you playing *? If so perhaps Sunday saw you caught out and you're already awaiting us in the halls of , those of us remaining will continue to guard our ears warily. You never know what innocent activity can see you next to fall. Last year we were caught at the hairdressers, nowhere is safe!

Anyway! Digression aside what is so short and sweet well today I'm writing on my phone (apologies in advance for any typos) because this morning was a super early start for a Supervisor's event at Iron Mill college in Exeter. It makes a change to be the trainee again rather than the trainer so I am quite looking forward to the day. Later I'm taking advantage of being in Exeter and will pop round to drop off some leaflets at The Laurels and say hi.

Another busy week as we gear up to Christmas with the counsellors meeting on Wednesday evening and then the trustees meeting on Thursday. I can't say often enough how valuable all our volunteers are. Yet again giving up their evenings to make sure we are the best charity we can possibly be.

At the trustees meeting we will most definitely be talking about the end of year figures, and yes they are looking good. Every metric showing an improvement from meeting attendances to donations to the number of volunteers on the up and up.

Watch this space for more updates but put Saturday 26th January