Chrysalis transition, full steam ahead

What’s that coming over the hill, is it a monster? No! It’s February! Surely this means that the days are going to get warmer as well as lighter. I don’t think I’ve got much to write about today, which probably means you’re in for another 1000 word essay.

Do you remember when you had to write 1000 words and it was the most daunting task ever? Perhaps it still is. All I know is that if I love talking, and you all know that I do, then writing clearly comes in a very close second. Chatting to you is a great way to start my week. Blogging is odd because the words are rather thrown out into the wild and you never know what is coming back. It’s great when someone mentions something they’ve read in the blog, I like that you like to read my words as much as I like to write them.

So enough waffle, what’s occurring? (Sorry – I have a feeling that there may be rather too many ‘90s references today, I have no idea why since the Radio One I listened to this morning definitely sounds completely different to the one I listened to back then.

Last week was primarily taken up with preparations for the AGM on Saturday, more of that in a moment, and lots of lovely one-to-ones.

One-to-ones, as I’m sure I’ve said before keep me grounded, they remind me why we do what we do and give me a chance to see the word, and our operations, from different perspectives. As we expand I know that these one-to-one moments will change and that reminds me to tell you that we are always looking for volunteer counsellors and supervisors. If you are interested in finding out more about supporting Chrysalis then please email

Awa started last week and she is most definitely proving herself to be the incredible, passionate, skilled person who Steph and I interviewed. I hope you are all enjoying her blog and will get to know her a little better as she gets to know our charity better. Actually that is the thing that sticks out most about last week. I’ve been so used to working on my own in the office on Mondays and into the afternoon that it was rather strange, nice, but strange, getting used to having another full time person here. My fantastic, flexible, office team have also started their new hours and if you are the kind of person who, like me, knows how efficient Dawn is and likes to get their questions answered promptly then you will be pleased to know that you can speak with Dawn on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday now.

Last week was also taken up with concerns about whether Chrysalis would be able to stay here at Mitchell House as our lease is up on the 28th February. Thanks to Community First and SVS for their support, Julie and Jo for their advice and Jon for his negotiations. Hopefully we are now secure for another year.

And finally, the main focus of last week was the AGM on Saturday. A massive thank you to the 23 volunteers and nine guests who came along to the Saltern’s Club in Warsash, thank you to Shelia and the Co-Op for their donation of refreshments, thank you to the Saltern’s Club for their donation of the space and last but not least thank you to everyone who donated prizes for the raffle. We raised over £350 for Chrysalis and we couldn’t have done it without you.

Minutes and reports from the AGM will be posted on www.chrysalis-gii/governance as soon as they have been finalised and I am so very pleased the membership approved the board’s recommendations to update our constitution. Bye bye offensive language and outdated gatekeeping and hello inclusivity, respect and good governance. Speaking of which the next trustees meeting is the 9th February when they will elect the officers of the charity, until then Steph, Anne and Jon continue to act in those positions.

Congratulations to Lennie, Anne, Steph, Sammy, Jon and Deanna on their election as trustees and thank you so much to Grecia who after several years of supporting the charity is now stepping down as a trustee, although she will continue as our counsellor and raffle prize gatherer extraordinaire.

Sunday is most definitely not a day of rest when you run a small charity! A massive shout out to Jodie who has created a Chrysalis fundraiser for her birthday through Facebook. Not only is Jodie raising money for Chrysalis but in doing so she highlighted two of the few remaining places where outdated information lurks. Hopefully by the time you read this our entry on the Charity Commission website will have both a clear, updated mission statement and the correct contact details!
If you are interested in raising funds for Chrysalis then contact who can help you set up a Just Giving campaign. Deanna and I are also looking for another three (or more) people who fancy abseiling off the Spinnaker Tower, email if you are up for it.

What’s on this week? that’s what. Dawn, Awa and I will be hard at work on the conference. Speaker acceptance letters will be going out today, thank you to everyone who put forward a proposal. We have an incredible selection of talks, panels and workshops for you. Watch this space and for more information and details of how to purchase tickets.

And last, but definitely not least, this week will be about Bournemouth, I’m going to be chatting with Julie about our plans for the area and starting that ball rolling. If you are interested in volunteering or otherwise supporting this venture then get in touch.

BTW I was right! 968 words! Bye for now.