Acceptance is beautiful

I thought it was April when we were meant to get all the rain. Yuck! The drive in this morning was rather dark and dismal. Well the week surely can only get better with a start like that. Tiny car is mighty though and we battled through the roadworks and the floods with equanimity.

Yesterday I took the silver cyber machine (it’s quite a lot bigger than Tiny Car) up to London for a gig. I wasn’t planning on going out but then some dear friends treated me to a ticket. The band was VNV Nation, and as always it was a superlative concert. The sound of the whole crowd singing along to Illusion from the album Judgement a song of love for all those who are unique, who have experienced the pain of not fitting in, of being judged, a song of acceptance that we are all beautiful and that no one should judge or try to change us, that sound and song still echo in my heart this morning.

You’ve all heard me say it so many times but there is no greater feeling than that of acceptance of who you are, both in your own heart and in the hearts of others. That feeling is what lifts you up from the darkest times and holds you until you find your feet. That is what Chrysalis is here for: to be there for you, to accept you, without Judgement never expecting you to conform to any standards other than your own, to be a place where you can explore yourself, meet other people with similar experiences and to find your own reality beyond the illusion.

Last week was all about the TransInclusivity Conference: speaker acceptance letters went out and the program has been set. Watch for more information, tickets will be on sale very soon. Sneak preview: full price tickets will be £40, including lunch, and attendees can expect to leave with an understanding of the specific challenges faced by trans+ people in the workplace, some tools for achieving cultural change and information on why saves livesTuesday I will be meeting with Mel from M12 Solutions, starting the gathering of essential knowledge for when we start looking for new offices in the summer, then I see I have a meeting on Wednesday with Emily from The Nuffield Theatre to talk about their summer production of Rotterdam, thanks to Emily for the donation of two tickets for our raffle. Thursday is time for working on the Portsmouth and Bournemouth projects and preparing for the first Trustee meeting of the new year on Saturday.

Last but not least it is the group meeting on Friday where the Southampton Third Party Hate Crime reporting network get a chance to catch up with everyone’s news and carry on making Southampton safer and more inclusive for everyone. What a great way to wind up the week.