ArtSOTrans and Trans Day of Visibility

The world is certainly turning, are trans people more visible? For sure. Is it safer to be visible as a trans person? Well sometimes. Our friends are accepting, our company likely has a policy, even our family know a bit about what we are trying to describe to them, but still the papers use us to sell their stories. I was really saddened to see the article in the Economist with a click bait headline that was a sucker punch to anyone who considers bodily autonomy to be a basic human right. No trans people’s bodies are not there for your entertainment, your edification. The correct way to report on a piece of transphobic, abusive, legislation is to call it out as such.

Some trans people are visible, some are not. Some choose to be visible, they have a gift for visibility perhaps, others have visibility forced upon them. Devin and the Art House in Southampton are running a series of events this week, leading up to Transgender Day of Visibility on Sunday. I’ll be there tomorrow giving an introduction to what it is to be transgender and then on Wednesday Georgia Williams will be talking about Gender Variance and Mental Health. Both workshops are standalone, or you could come to both and find out lots.

The art exhibition is going on all week, if you haven’t sat in the Visibility Window and felt a thousand eyes on you then this is a great way to feel what it might be to be trans and always on show, or the partner of someone who is trans trying to ward their loved one from those hostile glances and snide comments. Then to wind up the week Hunting Hearts are playing, catch them in this intimate venue before they start playing big stages. Muchos congratulations to them as they have secured a place on the main stage at Southampton Pride 2019.

So what else has been going on? Last week, you’ll be unsurprised to read, was quite conference focused. A massive shout out to Cantell School and Jonathan Clark who has agreed to put together a video on the incredible work that is going on in Cantell to really build a culture of inclusivity. Bullying and discrimination still goes on in schools, LGBT+ children and children of LGBT+ families may still get a rough deal but Jonathan is leading the way in changing that. Check out his talk and find out more about the Hampshire guidance for schools as well as the work that Y Services and others do to support trans young people by selecting the Including Youth workshop after lunch

Wednesday Carole and I were interviewing new counsellors. With all our developments we are always looking for more volunteers and our counsellors are the strength in what we do. I am so pleased to be able to work with such incredible people. Our counselling meeting on Thursday was a great chance to bring everyone together, to share support and to continue to develop.

Speaking of development, is there anyone out there who can help us develop our Office 365 implementation? Someone to join Sammy and Alex in really getting Chrysalis into the now. If you are interested, have a good working knowledge of implementing Office 365 and can give us a few hours a week then please contact, Chrysalis needs you!

Friday was a bit of financial planning. Chrysalis is growing and we need to develop strong financial management procedures. The current systems will hold but it’s time to look for a system that will grow with us. Thanks to Neil, Jon, Steph and Kevan for all their work on this project.

Saturday I was speaking to Daniel DZ Zylbersztajn about the rise in hatred, and hate crime towards all marginalised people since the referendum in 2016. Quite a surprise but great to have a chat.

This week it’s mainly about , I hope to see you there, and plenty of one-to-ones to see how everyone is doing. As always this is one of the best parts of the job, and one that I will miss as we grow and I recruit more volunteer supervisors. Speaking of which if you’re looking for a counselling supervision placement or simply want to donate a few hours of knowledge and experience through joining our supervision team then just drop us a line.