Beware the Ideas of March

Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and yes, the temperature is below zero and my feed is full of people in other parts of the country dealing with blizzards and road closures. Here we are nearly 17 months into Chrysalis’ transition and the ideas are certainly not stopping.

The week before last the trustees and I sent cards to our founders telling them our wonderful funding news, this week it was great to get emails from Laura and Dianne sharing our joy. The ideas aren’t showing many signs of stopping any time soon.

One of the best ideas to come out of February and lead us into March is some IT innovations that will finally mean we can use our phone lines as they were intended. If you call into the office we will be able to hear you nice and clearly. Chrysalis will even have two phone numbers in the not too distant future.

Monday I got to meet Curtis from the BBC, is there something ironic about being filmed for the radio? A reflective yet positive way to start the week. Thinking about how times have changed for trans+ people over the last few years, and also looking at the areas where things haven’t, or even seem to have gone backwards. I mean what is going on with David Lloyds? Haven’t they heard of the Equality Act? I’m hoping that by the time I write this their Monday morning team has woken up, had a nice cup of coffee and is ready to deal with the damage their ill-considered statement has wrought. I’m not sure this is going to go the same way as Greggs and the vegan sausage rolls (I had one during a break from another epic tiny car adventure – it was OK although I’m going to challenge the accepted discourse and say that I’ve had better)

Tuesday was one-to-ones and really listening to how things are going for people, I can’t say enough how I love this part of my job, then thinking about Bournemouth. With the sun shining out of my window it’s nice to think of Bournemouth I must confess.

Thursday was a chance to drive around Basingstoke meeting with people, recruiting volunteers and listening to some very inspiring women ’s Inspiring Women event. It was notable that not a single person in the room could say their career had gone to plan, none of us was doing exactly what we thought we would be, I think for me that shows that change is really possible. Change for all of us. As the world turns and we become more mobile, more flexible, our attitudes and our expectations change and as change becomes more accepted, it becomes less threatening.

Friday Awa and I kicked off the Being trans in UK African culture project which Awa will be speaking about at the conference. Thanks to Parvin, Southampton’s former mayor for taking time out of her day to speak with us. I know that I learned much, not least that I need to know more about different cultures and identities, and I am very excited about this project. Thanks to Awa for leading it and to Imale and Max for their involvement. As always Chrysalis is nowhere without its volunteers.

Today Carole and I are meeting Julie in Bournemouth to really get the Bournemouth project off the ground, I’m really looking forward to meeting some potential new volunteers and building partnerships in an area I know and love.

Tomorrow it’s time to focus on Hampshire, and how Chrysalis would like to see the county in 2050! It’s kind of scary that 2050 is not that far away. Talk about Ideas of March!

The rest of the week is kind of looking empty, be not fooled oh watchers of my diary. By the end of today I could be booked for an interview in London and who knows what else. Yet another week in the life of this CEO. It’s certainly never a dull one.