Nice and quickly does it!

Today's blog is going to be short and sweet as I have half an hour to get it written before Sammy joins the team today for our Sharepoint training. Office 365 implementation is on track and every day we get that bit faster and more knowledgeable.

Last week was, as always, a whirlwind of activity. Working on the conference, we are so excited to be able to bring such a diverse range of speakers and topics to you for an incredible price. Chrysalis is here to support trans people and their significant others and what better way to enhance that than with a full days training for £40. If you haven’t got your ticket yet then check out our Eventbrite link… or Facebook page and book now.

On Wednesday I was up at the Northern Police Investigation Centre with a great bunch of police officers of all stripes. LAGLOs, SPOCs and all. It was great to be able to spend some time with people who are working so hard to help our society become more inclusive.

This week I’m going to be on film! Nurk. Who’d have thought it when I started on this road all those years ago that eventually people would take what I have to say so seriously!

Tuesday I have got some more one-to-ones, it is so good to get the opportunity to properly listen rather than being the one always talking.

Wednesday I’ve got a half day! Yes, it’s true, I really do take holiday and then in the afternoon it’s time to review the training materials for the monthly Chrysalis training session next week. If you want to know more, and aren’t around for the conference on the 9th April, then check out and contact Dawn for more information.

Thursday Awa and I are off to Basingstoke again. We’re going to be meeting with Imale, one of the Basingstoke Dream Team, who is working with Awa to bring to you an exploration of what it means to be trans+ in UK African culture in Hampshire for the Conference. I am so excited about this opportunity. It is a privilege to be part of a great network through the Southampton Third Party Hate Crime Reporting group and through their support and the hard work of Awa, Imale and Max we are able to look into an area that not many people talk about. The afternoon breakout strand looking at supporting trans young people is definitely one to book on to.

Friday is supposed to be the end of the week but I’m not sure that it will be thanks to a causal contact met at a friend’s party the other week. It looks like I’m probably off up to London again to meet with International Observatory of Human Rights. Talk about putting Chrysalis on the map. I may have said that I expect us to be the best of the best and for everyone to have heard about the incredible work we do but my goodness there’s a lot of talking involved.

So, having said that I wouldn’t talk much I have mainly talked to you about talking! So I’m signing off for now as for the next couple of hours I get to be quite and listen.

Take care and I’ll be back soon