Basingstoke! That’s what this week is about. Time to think and plan and talk about Basingstoke. I have a full day up in (hopefully) sunny North Hampshire to focus on development of our support in the area. We are actively looking for volunteers so if you are interested in getting involved with delivering the groups, speaking at the groups or helping promote us then drop the office a line.

The dust is settling post conference, and we’ve already started to plan next years event so if you have a particular theme you would like us to cover, or want to get involved by speaking, donating a venue, promoting or otherwise then please drop us a line

Last week was a chance to catch up with both the office staff and the trustees with a very successful Away Day on Tuesday. Keep a close eye on the website and our other social media outlets for some Chrysalis job opportunities including Fundraising and Social Media Officer, with a deadline for applications of midday Tuesday 7th May.
I think it’s going to be quite a short blog today. I must have used all my words up last week.

What else is happening? Well tomorrow I’m hopefully recruiting more volunteers and spreading the word about Basingstoke and then on Thursday andFriday it’s supervision time, time to reconnect with everyone delivering our core services.

Just as a final note, because it wouldn’t be a blog without some mention of Tiny Car, Tiny Car is indeed mighty. Last night driving home it sounded like someone had replaced all 886ccs of engine with a 3L! Bruuuuum it went. I know it must have been tiny car because there was literally nothing else on the road. Very strange, perhaps it has done so much motorway driving that it’s approaching some kind of evolution, we did pass lots of Audis yesterday so perhaps it’s got a few ideas above its station!

Right, bye for now. Speak to you all soon.