Wow! What a day at our conference! The trials and stresses and blind panics in the lead up to the 9th April just melted away. I hope that you all saw SuperDawn’s cloak, what a stunning amount of organisation. Thanks to everyone who volunteered, compliment after compliment did I hear about how good you all were, how well informed and attentive.

This week we will be getting the Solent Creatives video, watch this space for some great footage of the event and perhaps a taster for next year. The whole day was amazing but for me I think seeing our presentation up on the big screen in the award winning teaching building in the institution I worked at for 14 years was the icing on the cake. Us, Chrysalis and all our speakers and all the local Prides up there for the world to see.

I loved that we were able to put on such a varied range of speakers, comments showed that it was as necessary to offer people Trans Awareness training as it was for those already aware to be given tools, knowledge and inspiration. Words of Juno’s resonate still, thinking about the vulnerability in transition and an eagerness to be seen and to be heard, as people to know that we have something of value to say.

If you are interested in getting involved with next year’s conference then please do drop us a line. We will (honest team) be aiming for a decent run up this time. Still given everything else that Chrysalis has accomplished over the last 18 months two successful conferences is icing on a very nice cake.

What else happened last week? Sleep? Nah, who needs sleep. I’m sure that I’ve got some booked into the diary soon, must check with Dawn!

Wednesday was new counsellor Peter’s first supervision. Welcome to the team Peter, I know that the Fareham group are looking forward to meeting you. That evening your dedicated team of trustees and I met to start looking at the year ahead. Now that conference is over we can return to normal, energised and informed. By our standards quite a short meeting at 2.5 hours but perhaps longer than any of us needed. Thanks to all of our trustees: Jon, Anne, Steph, Lennie, Sammy and Deanna for all the hours and hard work you put in and a special mention to Ted who also gave up his Wednesday night for Chrysalis.

Thursday, oh my goodness, Thursday where do I start. Well for a first I didn’t start Tiny Car, Tiny Car rested and Max drove Steph, Sammy and I to London for our Fearless Futures training. What a great day, an opportunity to connect with each other and also with ourselves. To think about privilege and intersectionality and to break down privilege into five bigger words (I love how that is how language works, the more you look into something the bigger it becomes): belonging, freedom, safety, dignity and legitimacy. Going to a training day is something more than just a day out of the office, it is a chance to reconnect with the me that is rather than the me that does, I always come away from a training day with something new about myself, something valuable to keep close and check out every so often. Something that I am sure will make its way into this blog soon.

Friday was a chance to reconnect with the team here in the office, with Awa’s penultimate line management meeting. I am so very pleased that Chrysalis has been a significant part in Awa’s professional and personal development and I am really looking forward to hearing her insights and recommendations for our next steps at the management Away Day tomorrow. It’s been great having a student working within the team and I’m looking forward to our next opportunity to do so, Isabella made some very interesting suggestions at the conference so here’s hoping.

Friday was also a chance to connect with beneficiaries, it is always a privilege to be the person who takes that first call from someone seeking support from Chrysalis, a time to listen to what life is really like and to connect with the needs of those who come to us. Then I met with Hannah for her supervision and she got the chance to travel in Tiny Car down to Fareham and has now experienced what I’ve said all along. Tiny Car is mighty. Why was I in Fareham? Well because it was my first chance to go to Nina’s Significant Others Support group for parents, grandparents and carers. Oh! Thank you, thank you all of you for welcoming me and trusting me and sharing with me. I hope that I added to your group and that you moved my empty chair when I left.

Saturday was perhaps slightly frustrating as an intended hour of work was stretched into two and quite a lot of teeth gnashing as all copies of an essential document were found to be corrupted. Luckily Matt from The National Lottery Community Fund is a superstar and Monday sees the pristine document in all it’s glory back in my inbox.

Tuesday as already mentioned is our Management Away Day, I’m so excited for this, we’ve been 18 months on this road, lets now look at the map for the next five years and beyond. World domination? Perhaps not but let’s not rule it out entirely hehe!

Oh look! My diary has spaces in it! Wednesday and Thursday I’m just in the office. Phew! Time to tidy up and do some filing I think.

OK – off to work I go, next weeks blog will be out on Tuesday. I wish you all a very pleasant bank holiday weekend, a happy Easter and may the weather be good and even if you have to work may the work be fruitful and full of nice people.