Glitter and statistics

Wasn’t it great to see trans people 100% included in this years Pride in London event, and to see all the wonderful photos from Black Pride? An incredible day in the capital with people from around the world celebrating, being free to be themselves. I saw a comment below the line somewhere complaining about ‘Pride Month’ – saying that one day they would want a whole year! Now wouldn’t that be amazing? Are we getting closer to being able to be out and proud the whole year round?

This year there has been so much more celebration and inclusion of trans+ people, a welcoming, an inclusion, as Tara Maclachlan put it at our first conference the LGB are including the T. What a great feeling after last year. I know that there may still be some agendas working their way out but perhaps 2019 is the year to put all the damage of 2018 behind us. Trans people at the very front of the parade. No longer “someone’s little secret” no longer “here and queer but in the rear” but right there, happy and authentic and “one of us”! (all quotes are from people I have shared Pride marches with over the years)

It’s not all glitter and glam though. For most of us glitter is not part of our daily work attire (although for many I’m pretty sure it’s going to be part of their way of being for the next month at least as glitter has properties formerly known only to cat fur with it’s ability to get into places uninvited) and yet the work of being authentic and included goes on. With the sad loss of another of our local community last week, Lauren, whose name we will remember at Trans Day of Remembrance, we sadly recognise that not everyone makes it. For some the damage is too deep. I would like to reach out and say please, if Chrysalis can help you at all then just drop us a message, give us a ring. Sure we’re in Hampshire and Dorset physically but telephones know no boundaries.

So what did Andi do last week? Well for the first time in many years I wasn’t at Pride in London but at a family event. Lots of driving in Tiny Car for me this weekend, it’s a good job we’re used to it (need to get the stereo fixed though).

Last Monday was some Bournemouth focus - Bourne Free this weekend pop down to the Gardens and meet Julie and the team on the Chrysalis stand. Thanks to the people at the Gay Pride Shop we will have flags for all genders as well as our pronoun badges and keyrings and lots of different lanyards.

Actually Monday was quite busy because the rest of the day was work on Portsmouth We now have a permanent home for our Wellbeing drop in on the 2nd Thursday of each month. Contact us for more information and to arrange a casual chat with Rosie or Deanna.

Tuesday was , my first ‘unconference’ and a chance to meet some really inspirational speakers and a chance to get out of the bubble for a bit and hear what is going on in the big wide sometimes scary world. The next event is on the 7th November, definitely a date for the diary.

Wednesday was meetings in the office including one with Pete from Hampshire Constabulary talking about some really significant statistics affecting the health and well-being of trans people in Hampshire. Out in the real world it can sometimes seem like we’re overstating the real risk to trans people of not being authentic, I can promise you that we are not. We are collecting numbers that will chill your heart and perhaps even make the editor of The Times a bit more inclined to promote trans inclusion rather than trans investigation. Chrysalis won’t stop working to provide safe, confidential spaces for trans and questioning people and their friends and families to get the support they need because we know that Chrysalis saves lives.

Thursday I met with Claire and Nick from the CCG to talk about a survey of trans+ people’s experience of GP practices. Expect this to drop into your inbox soon. We know anecdotally that some people have excellent experiences and others awful ones. Let’s get some hard data around that too.

What’s on for this week? Monday I’m off for some management coaching – I am really excited! Those of you who know me, and I hope that most of you who read this are at least coming to know a bit about me, will know that I am very fond of the phrase “you don’t know what you don’t know” well here’s an opportunity for me to go and find out what I don’t know and to look at what I can do to learn more stuff. I like learning stuff, and then applying that learning, so watch this space. With Chrysalis now 18 months into our transition lets look at the next stages.

Speaking about next stages later today I’m meeting with Deanna and Rosie to talk about Portsmouth and then on Wednesday it’s the Trustee Meeting.
Thursday is external training in Southampton and then Friday I’m off to the Isle of Wight for to deliver training at IoW Council.
Now it’s time to get the bike out and enjoy this beautiful weather cycling over to Eastleigh for my coaching. Bye for now.