Stonewall Anniversary and Pride

What a beautiful weekend. It’s been great to see so many photos of happy faces all over social media, I hope you all had at least some opportunity to enjoy a bit of warmth and relaxation over the last few days, or if not then that you’ve got some coming up.

Big Chrysalis news our Bournemouth Trans and Questioning Support group opens on Thursday 18th July. Thanks to all of Julie’s hard work we have the most fantastic team of co-facilitators and counsellors ready to offer safe, confidential support to anyone who is questioning their gender identity or wants some support while they take their next steps in their transition. Our counsellors are trained in trans awareness, and everyone who comes to Chrysalis is entitled to access a minimum of eight sessions with most people going for 16 to 24 sessions at a time. Most people access our support when they are just exploring their gender identity or starting transition but Chrysalis knows that transition is a process and that everyone who is trans+ needs a bit of extra support sometimes, whatever stage they are at in life. Contact the office on 01489 589111 to get signed up or to find out more information.

A shout out to all the Pride teams around the country working hard to keep up the progress we have achieved over the years as the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots goes by. As someone who grew up under section 28 and who spent many, many years not knowing myself let alone having the confidence to tell other people who I was I embrace and celebrate the increasing understanding and acceptance of LGBTQ+ people; the ever increasing number of vocal allies; those working so hard to change the world and those who are changing within themselves.

Transition of any kind isn’t easy but as the new CEO of Rushmore Voluntary Service says “change brings change” and with every step forward the world gets a little bit better.

Flexibility is like resilience, we nurture it within ourselves and our communities. As a trainee counsellor I worked hard to learn to understand the world from someone else’s point of view. In doing so I opened my mind, I learnt more about other people and more about myself. I’m smiling as I write this, and know I smile more now than I used to.

This is what the Pride teams work for, this is what Chrysalis works for, what Stonewall and Mermaids and everyone else strive to achieve. Acceptance, understanding and flexibility. Keep up the good work, because being happy and included is incredible.

A special shout out to all the staff in schools working so hard to raise our next generation with greater understanding and acceptance of diversity. Indeed a shout out to everyone who is working to make inclusion something that just happens because we have finally reached that point where everyone’s individuality is celebrated.

Yep, the sun definitely gets me waxing positive.

Some of you will have noticed our website is down. Deanna is working really hard to get it back up and running and the site should be operational by the end of today. If you need to know anything then just contact the office on 01489 589111 or thanks Deanna for fixing the site, it's great to be back on here

Last week was a great first week back from my holiday. Remember I said I was working hard to devolve some of my tasks? Well my counsellors went a step further, they have already moved towards autonomy, a true peer support group. It’s fantastic to watch how the service is developing.

My visit to Rushmore Voluntary Services Forum on Wednesday was really good, a chance to talk about Chrysalis and to pass on a few hints and tips about trans awareness too. Thanks to Donna and Sue for finding some extra time for me to talk. It was lovely to be reminded of Dianne’s talk there a few years ago and how things have changed for the better even in the last five years.

What’s on for this week? Today I’ve got some Bournemouth time this morning then some Portsmouth time this afternoon with meetings down by the seaside this afternoon. Here’s hoping the clouds clear, although Tiny Car doesn’t have aircon so perhaps not too hot.

Tuesday I’m off to London for , a different kind of inclusivity event.

Wednesday looks very full of meetings, I think I’d better take a packed lunch and hope for the best, and Thursday and Friday are all about catching up with postponed supervision sessions and the end of month report. If you want to catch me about something then Thursday is looking pretty clear!

Bye for now and enjoy this changing world, we are all making it a better place.