Autumn reflections and projections

Did you realise it’s less than two months until Halloween? We may have run out of bank holidays for the foreseeable future but there’s definitely a few key dates on the horizon. As I near my two year anniversary as Chrysalis’ CEO I am so pleased to be welcoming more fantastic people onto the team. We have some great volunteers joining us across the area with a welcome to Robyn up in Basingstoke, Rosie taking on the role of Portsmouth Coordinator and the great team that is Bournemouth with Saskia, Cara, Helen, Julie and Amanda settling into their group. It’s all change here in the office too with Laura replacing Carole as Meeting Centre and Volunteer Coordinator, Jane working alongside Dawn on Projects, and now we welcome Sophie to the team replacing Callum as our Fundraising and Social Media Officer.

Last week I was writing a funding bid and the first question is “what has Chrysalis achieved in the last two years” Oh my goodness! I could have written pages. We have come so far and achieved so much. 14 groups, a great cohort of volunteers and supporters, conferences, Prides, fantastic board of trustees, an updated constitution, the list goes on and on.

What’s September got in store for us? Firstly good luck to everyone who’s starting new jobs, schools and other things this month. It’s always a period of change as we see an uplift in the number of people coming to the groups and get involved in the freshers fairs at our local universities.

We have the Bournemouth launch on Friday 6th…, I hope you’ve already got your tickets? Come along to see the world premier of the Chrysalis film and find out more about who we are and what we are doing in Bournemouth. Which reminds me, I should probably write my presentation!
Later today I get to meet kittens, an unexpected but fantastic perk in the arranging of a Business Planning meeting for the board. We are looking forward to working with Miss S in further developing Chrysalis’ strategy. With two years of improvements under our belts we’re looking at the next five years.

After that it’s time to focus on a training package we are preparing for Wessex Crown Prosecution Service, yet another great partnership Chrysalis is involved in. As Experience Educators the Chrysalis trainers are able to share the experiences of being gender diverse as well as the practicalities. Since we started as a counselling organisation it is only right that our training is focused on increasing people’s empathic understanding.
Tomorrow is Basingstoke and the Portsmouth focus time and then the facilitator’s meeting in the evening. Thanks to everyone who’s making the trek out to Warsash for that, we’ve got a lot to talk about including ad-hoc counselling and the induction of new volunteers, continuing to strengthen and develop the service.

Thursday I’m meeting with Ian from the British Heart Foundation to discuss taking part in their fundraising Question Time event in November. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous but I’m also very excited as all these events help raise our profile both locally and nationally. Watch this space for updates on how those nerves progress.

Friday the team all head down to Bournemouth for our professional launch. As a charity with a firm base and strong team it is great to be able to develop and expand our support. Thanks to the work of Julie and the team we have not only started up a group in Bournemouth but also developed our blueprint for further development. is only the beginning!
Gosh! 600 words, what is the world coming to. Maybe writing on Tuesday means less word? Bye for now, see you on Friday.