Looking outwards -the power of strategy

Sitting here in my box with no windows I admire the space I have created, last week was a week of tidying, getting rid of the weight of old paperwork, old equipment and old thoughts. Most people do a Spring Clean but I think that for Chrysalis an autumn clean was timely. The Pride kit is packed away, but the travel kit is ready for we have many events coming up, starting with the University Fresher’s Fairs. I’ll be down at University of Portsmouth on Thursday 19th September and there will be volunteers at Bournemouth and Southampton plus we’re working on attending Solent and Winchester

Going away to uni is a great event, and for many people it is the time they feel they can think about coming out, about transition, about change. A new start, new faces and the opportunity for people to meet the authentic you. Chrysalis has been working closely with Solent University and the University of Southampton and look forward building on our relationships with the universities of Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester.
Perhaps it is because I am still tied into that university cycle having worked at Solent for 14 years that this time of year gets me waxing fulsome about the power of change and authenticity. Perhaps I just like the slightly crisper mornings (I do, honestly!) but whatever the reason I have started looking much more outwards, in my windowless box.

So how do I look outwards? How does Chrysalis build on what we have achieved and continue to grow and develop? Our meeting with Miss S last Tuesday was brilliant! It was so great to sit down with Orlagh, Jon, Deanna and Samantha to talk about strategy. Knowing that we all share the same aims for Chrysalis and have identified those areas where we need further focus. Watch this space for a marketing strategy and a funding strategy. Getting down on paper what we have all be working towards in our own heads. Thanks to Tracey for facilitating and to the Saltern’s Club for letting us use their space. By the way if you are looking for space for events in Warsash then the Saltern’s Club is well worth checking out. Perhaps time for events outside of the cities?

One other amazing thing happened last week, I spoke to Matt York our funding manager from the National Lottery Community Fund and he was really impressed with everything that Chrysalis has achieved with lottery funding over the last six months. I would like to extend his congratulations to everyone who is involved in Chrysalis: our volunteers, our employees and most importantly those of you who come to our groups and who contact us for support. Together we make Chrysalis a fantastic place to be.

What’s on for this week? Firstly I would like to welcome Sheila who joins the team on eight hours a week to help fill Carole’s shoes as Meeting Centre and Volunteer Coordinator. Sheila will be focusing on building our networks and in particular getting speakers for the groups. If you have topics you want covered at the groups, or suggestions of people to speak, then speak to your facilitator or email sheila.elsey@chrysalis-gii.org

Next I have to sadly say goodbye to Jane, Jane has been a great asset to Chrysalis, but she’s got to leave us now to concentrate on her family. We will miss her very much.

Watch this space for both the Project Coordinator and the Meeting Centre and Volunteer Coordinator adverts, both roles will be primarily office based with some travel. One of the great things about the National Lottery funding is that we can have the office open Monday to Friday and everyone on the team is very much part of that.

We have new volunteer inductions here in the office on Wednesday, welcoming new Southampton and Basingstoke people. Can you believe that we now have two well-being drop-ins in Southampton now? It’s just incredible.
There is also the Southampton Hate Crime meeting on Thursday which representatives will be attending as well as the first ‘go it alone’ counsellors meeting. I am so very pleased that the counselling team is getting stronger and stronger each month and that now I can step back from these meetings. It’s sad too as I know that I’ll miss the PD aspect of the groups but boundaries are boundaries and managing dual relationships is something all of us should always be aware of.

I’m off now, time to get on with adverts and Gifts and Gains and training packages.

Here’s wishing you all a happy Monday and a great rest of the week.