Making space safe

Today I am sad, I have been sad all weekend and indeed before that. Two homophobic attacks in the press in the last week. Those poor women in London and then after that the cast of Rotterdam. Only the night before Sammy and Jodie from Chrysalis were part of the cast Q&A after the show. The atmosphere was positive and everyone was feeling that we genuinely are making progress towards acceptance and understanding for all.

Dress code

I’m writing another job description, thanks to the Lottery we’re going to be looking for a project coordinator very soon, and the drive in today got me thinking (always better than listening to the news) about our staff handbook and how Chrysalis should work towards promoting freedom of expression, body positivity and authenticity.

Life, love, hills and trees

Yesterday I was honoured to attend the memorial service for a friend, a trans friend and someone who had touched the lives of many, many people. A woman with a love for proper curry, although I dispute that Birmingham curry is best, I’ve eaten curry in Leicester! A woman of the most incredible engineering skills. A woman for whom we trekked all the way to the top of the hill for. A woman with a passion for nature, authenticity and connecting with people.


Basingstoke! That’s what this week is about. Time to think and plan and talk about Basingstoke. I have a full day up in (hopefully) sunny North Hampshire to focus on development of our support in the area. We are actively looking for volunteers so if you are interested in getting involved with delivering the groups, speaking at the groups or helping promote us then drop the office a line.


Wow! What a day at our conference! The trials and stresses and blind panics in the lead up to the 9th April just melted away. I hope that you all saw SuperDawn’s cloak, what a stunning amount of organisation. Thanks to everyone who volunteered, compliment after compliment did I hear about how good you all were, how well informed and attentive.