#TransInclusivity - Showcasing best practice and developing strategies

Chrysalis' second conference will be on
Tuesday 9th April 2019
10am to 4pm
Registration from 9:30am
The Spark
Solent University, Southampton

Chrysalis, the South’s leading charity supporting transgender people and their significant others, invites you to our second conference showcasing strategies and best practice for supporting transgender people in the workplace and beyond.

2018 saw a significant rise in online and media transphobic speech however organisations and individuals continued to work tirelessly to improve inclusivity and acceptance.

TransInclusivity is an opportunity for policy writers, influencers and those who work with and for trans+ people to develop best practice for the inclusion and support of trans+ colleagues, clients and the general public.

Delegates can expect to:

Learn about the real challenges faced by trans+ people in their everyday interactions and see why TransInclusivity saves lives

Develop tools for the development and implementation of transinclusive policy and practice

Work with peers in a safe and respectful space to explore challenges in their work which negatively impact their trans+ colleagues, clients and general public

You can book your ticket via Eventbrite here;

On 9th April 2018 Chrysalis held their first ever conference, an exploration of transition from the inside and out, with speakers covering a wide range of subjects from their experiences of being trans and transition in the last century and early 2000s to the challenges and opportunities facing trans people now.

With the sea change in understanding and acceptance brought about in large part by the internet revolution as well as changes in law being trans is no longer something to be ashamed of, a reason for isolation, and there are many great trans role models and allies standing up and speaking out.

Our speakers included:

  • Keynote speech from Chief Inspector Julie Fry MBE
  • Dr Wendy Peters – clinician asked to deliver corrective electric shock therapy to trans people in the 70s
  • Jan from Mermaids - the charity supporting gender variant children
  • Tara Maclachlan - advisor consulting with the Equalities Minister and local MPs about changes to the Gender Recognition Act
  • Anna Murray – domestic abuse lead for Age UK and leading figure for trans support on the Isle of Wight
  • Dianne – founder of Chrysalis
  • Dr Sue Ingamells – consultant from Wessex Fertility who has worked with many trans clients
  • Mark Broad – partner at Dutton Gregory LLP who has advised Chrysalis beneficiaries on their legal rights
  • Sahra Taylor – academic, organiser of the TIGNC (trans, intersex and gender non-conforming) conference series and co-author of City University’s Inclusivity Policy
  • Octavian Starr – Housing Support Officer at Stonewall Housing
  • Andi Maratos – new CEO of Chrysalis

It was a fitting tribute to the incredible passion and dedication of our founder, who has worked tirelessly for the charity since 2005, that Dianne was able to give her final address to the conference and be part of the latest transformation of Chrysalis.

Chrysalis conference, sell out
Ana-Matronic and Andi