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Short but sweet

Morning! Are you playing *? If so perhaps Sunday saw you caught out and you're already awaiting us in the halls of , those of us remaining will continue to guard our ears warily. You never know what innocent activity can see you next to fall. Last year we were caught at the hairdressers, nowhere is safe!

Remembrance and Hope

A sombre and thoughtful start to my blog this week as I muse on the Remembrance Service I attended on Sunday, stood in the cold by a war memorial listing the names of those killed in the Great War, the War to End All Wars, and those military and civilian casualties of the conflict which followed.

#flythetransflag and show your support

Wow! Nearly the end of October already. Last Wednesday saw me achieving a full year in this role. I hope I've proved worthy of the trust the charity placed in me, I know we have achieved a massive amount already but there is still plenty more road ahead of us. Thank you to everyone for getting involved and believing in Chrysalis, in the absolute value of our charity. Saving lives, building connections and making the world a better place one change at a time.
What better way to mark my anniversary than working on our first campaign with Sam?

GRA reform and Trans Day of Remembrance

What a week. My love goes out to everyone who has been campaigning for acceptance, understanding and support for trans people over these last few weeks. With the deadline extended until 12 today and the fantastic shortform questionnaire by Stonewall I hope that all our allies will have had the chance to add their voices to ours to get the essential reforms to the Gender Recognition Act necessary to allow trans people to get legal recognition in their affirmed gender. If we get non-binary recognition in there too then pass the champagne!

The nights are drawing in but the fun never stops!

Hi all, and welcome back to the second ever Chrysalis CEO blog post. Things are going well, perhaps better than predicted as we’ve made it to week two and I have written a second post.
Another week over and the nights are really drawing in now. It was strange on Thursday morning to look out of the office window onto clear skies in Warsash but hear the foghorns of the ships in the Solent battling through the fog.