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Experience experts

I can’t start this week’s blog without a recognition of the horrific attack in New Zealand, in sadness of how extreme views, of division rather than acceptance and inclusion have gained such ground recently. It filled my feed over the weekend (no mean feat considering I live in a trans echo chamber most of the time thanks to algorithms) and was the main item on the news as I drove into work.

Beware the Ideas of March

Spring has sprung, the birds are singing, the sun is shining and yes, the temperature is below zero and my feed is full of people in other parts of the country dealing with blizzards and road closures. Here we are nearly 17 months into Chrysalis’ transition and the ideas are certainly not stopping.

The week before last the trustees and I sent cards to our founders telling them our wonderful funding news, this week it was great to get emails from Laura and Dianne sharing our joy. The ideas aren’t showing many signs of stopping any time soon.

Nice and quickly does it!

Today's blog is going to be short and sweet as I have half an hour to get it written before Sammy joins the team today for our Sharepoint training. Office 365 implementation is on track and every day we get that bit faster and more knowledgeable.

What an incredible week

Sometimes it is hard to know which piece of good news to start with. For those of you who are ardent followers of our page and the Daily Echo you will know that on Wednesday Jon, Steph and I met with Matt from the National Lottery Community Fund to confirm Chrysalis’ award of £283k funding for core costs over the next five years. Wow! The culmination of many months of hard work which started on the 7th Dec 2017 and a massive thank you to all the players of the National Lottery who made it possible.

Positive Monday Vibes

Today in the adventures of Tiny Car – what to do when your owner forgets their laptop on the way into work? Thank goodness it is half term and a swift round trip was possible otherwise I fear you would have been waiting rather longer for my blog than usual.

Such a social creature

Tiny car gets a well deserved rest today as I'm off to London for the Social Media Exchange courtesy of The Tudor Trust, one of the first funders to believe in my vision for and the reason everything else has been possible. Hopefully after today I'll be able to take our social media to the next level!

Acceptance is beautiful

I thought it was April when we were meant to get all the rain. Yuck! The drive in this morning was rather dark and dismal. Well the week surely can only get better with a start like that. Tiny car is mighty though and we battled through the roadworks and the floods with equanimity.

Blue is a good colour

Wow! Congratulations to and to for an incredible fundraiser over the weekend. As one of our volunteers has said “perhaps we have now reached that Trans Tipping Point”. The real people out there are our allies. Those who are, like one of our newest volunteers, sick of reading about all the hatred towards trans people and are saying ‘enough is enough’ and looking at what they can do to help.

Reflections are always better shared

Well done everyone! We’ve nearly made it halfway through January. Snow may be coming but so is the sun, it’s getting just that bit lighter as tiny car and I make our way into Warsash each morning.

I’m always pleased when someone comments in real life about words I have said in this blog, I do hope that you are getting what you need when you read about these busy weeks in the life of Chrysalis.