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The nights are drawing in but the fun never stops!

Hi all, and welcome back to the second ever Chrysalis CEO blog post. Things are going well, perhaps better than predicted as we’ve made it to week two and I have written a second post.
Another week over and the nights are really drawing in now. It was strange on Thursday morning to look out of the office window onto clear skies in Warsash but hear the foghorns of the ships in the Solent battling through the fog.

There is life after Pride: Andi's blog Sept 24th

Hi everyone, welcome to my blog. This is intended to be a quick update on the week that was and the week that will be in the life of the Chief Executive Officer of a small charity however anyone who has met me knows that I like talking and so there’s a good chance that my words will run away with me if I don’t keep tight control on them.