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Acceptance is beautiful

I thought it was April when we were meant to get all the rain. Yuck! The drive in this morning was rather dark and dismal. Well the week surely can only get better with a start like that. Tiny car is mighty though and we battled through the roadworks and the floods with equanimity.

Blue is a good colour

Wow! Congratulations to and to for an incredible fundraiser over the weekend. As one of our volunteers has said “perhaps we have now reached that Trans Tipping Point”. The real people out there are our allies. Those who are, like one of our newest volunteers, sick of reading about all the hatred towards trans people and are saying ‘enough is enough’ and looking at what they can do to help.

Reflections are always better shared

Well done everyone! We’ve nearly made it halfway through January. Snow may be coming but so is the sun, it’s getting just that bit lighter as tiny car and I make our way into Warsash each morning.

I’m always pleased when someone comments in real life about words I have said in this blog, I do hope that you are getting what you need when you read about these busy weeks in the life of Chrysalis.

Into January with passion!

And we’re off! Smashing into January. Braving the morning traffic. Back to work and school and college and generally heading into 2019. January is often a hard month to maintain positivity, we worry that the cold will never really lift and that although the days are getting lighter that promise of summer could still be broken but never fear, the Chrysalis AGM is here! What better way to brighten up your new year than to find out how your favourite charity has been doing over the last year and to help us map out the next one.

Happy new year!

Welcome back after a warm festive season. I was reflecting whilst Tiny Car and I were making one of our epic journeys on the meaning of family. For so many people, myself included, family is not so much those people related to you by blood but those people who gather around you, who share your joys and your challenges, who celebrate with you and who are there when you need a shoulder to cry on or a strong arm to hold you up.


It is odd to think about expansion when everything around me is contracting with the cold. All the molecules drawing that little bit closer together as we endure freezing rain and the other exciting side effects of our approach to the shortest day but expansion is a heart-warming topic within Chrysalis.

The halls of Whamhalla are decorated with reminders of the 80's

Oh woe is me! I lasted five whole days for sadly Wednesday saw me enter the halls of , a forlorn victim of . On the positive side of the ledger however I can now go Christmas shopping with impunity. No more stealthy approaches to essential tasks. I can boldly go where the unwhammed fear to tread.

Short but sweet

Morning! Are you playing *? If so perhaps Sunday saw you caught out and you're already awaiting us in the halls of , those of us remaining will continue to guard our ears warily. You never know what innocent activity can see you next to fall. Last year we were caught at the hairdressers, nowhere is safe!